The Complete Gardener's Guide ,
Zucchini Forms Behind the Female Flower

Materials Needed

  • zucchini seeds of choice
  • small gardening pots
  • watering can
  • large containers or beds

Step 1: Plant the Seeds

Sow seeds indoors, 1-inch deep into small pots to avoid disturbing the roots when planting them out later on.

Step 2: Grow Indoors

Grow them indoors in a greenhouse or on a bright windowsill. They will be large enough to plant out after four to six weeks, so don’t sow too early.

Step 3: Take the Plants Outside

Harden off, and plant out once the risk of frost has passed. To avoid root damage, water the plants first so they slide more easily from their pots.

Step 4: Plant Into Containers

Plant into containers or beds, and keep them well watered throughout the growing season. Larger containers retain moisture more effectively.

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