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Chard Grows Well in Galvanized Containers
Chard grows vigorously in galvanized tub with rich compost, sunny spot and lots of moisture.

Step 1: Fill Galvanized Tub with Multipurpose Soil

Check that your container has adequate drainage holes in the bottom, and drill some if not. Cover the holes with a layer of broken clay pot pieces, and then fill the pot with multipurpose compost up to 2in (5cm) from the top.

Step 2: Plan Planting Before Potting

Put out the plants in the pot while they are still in their own containers to check how many you need and that the spacing between them will be adequate. Water the plants well before carefully knocking them out of their pots.

Step 3: Space Plants at Appropriate Distance

Make holes in the compost, allowing the correct distance between each plant (4in/10cm for chard). Place a plant in each hole, check that the compost is at the same level around the plant as it was in its previous pot, and firm in.

Step 4: Water the Plants Thoroughly

Using a rose on a watering can or a gentle spray setting on a hose, settle the compost around the plants’ roots. Continue to water the container regularly, particularly during hot weather.

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