The Complete Gardener's Guide ,
Chicory Produces Dense and Bitter Leaves

Materials Needed

  • loose leaf seeds of choice
  • container with drainage holes
  • compost
  • watering can
  • balanced liquid fertilizer

Step 1: Add Compost and Sow Seeds

Ensure the container has drainage holes before filling with compost, leaving a gap below the rim to allow for easy watering. Make shallow drills, sow seeds and cover. For an early start, sow indoors.

Step 2: Move the Crops Outside

Seeds germinate after about two weeks, depending on the crop. Move indoor- raised crops outside when the risk of frost has passed. Water the plants well, and feed every other week with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

Step 3: Sow More Seed

Container-grown crops are best harvested regularly as individual leaves, picked when young and tender. Leave the plants to grow, but sow more seed to give a prolonged crop. Replace older plants every few weeks.

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