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Materials Needed

  • garlic bulbs
  • large garden containers (optional)
  • watering can or garden hose

Step 1: Plant Garlic

Garlic needs a cold period to grow well and is best planted in the fall or winter. Separate the bulb into cloves, and push the largest ones (discarding any tiny ones) into the soil with the points upward; the tips should be just below the surface. Allow 4 inches (10 cm) between cloves, and space rows 8 inches (20 cm) apart. Plant it in beds or in larger containers.

Step 2: Control Weeds

Control weeds during spring and summer, and be sure to keep plants well watered. Even if plants bolt (run to seed), they still give a good harvest.

Step 3: Harvest Garlic

Lift garlic bulbs out of the soil with a garden fork. After harvesting don’t grow other members of the onion family, including leeks and shallots, in the same soil to prevent the build up of diseases.

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  • Susanne Jones
    Hello my name is susanne I'm from Bermuda and I have being trying to grow garlic but thanks to you I'm a happy camper thanks a lot. Could you please tell me how to grow criristafeen my spelling might be a little off.

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