Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots ,
Summer Vegetable Containers Grown for the Grill
A single zucchini plant creates instant impact with its huge leaves and golden flowers, and can deliver as many as 20 plump fruits over many weeks. Vigorous nasturtiums (Tropaeolum) will happily scramble among the foliage, sending out flushes of glowing red edible flowers that can be used in salads. Corn makes an exotic backdrop and the sweetest, freshly picked cobs are a real treat when roasted over coals. And finally, grow a sweet pepper plant in a neighboring pot to complete the attractive display.

Step 1: Choose Containers

Select two pots that are at least two feet and eight inches in diameter. They should suit a patio or dining area. Use multipurpose or soil-based compost mixed with well-rotted manure, and ensure the plants receive full sun and are sheltered from wind.

Step 2: Go Shopping

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Zucchini ‘Safari'

Buy the following plants: one zucchini ‘Safari’, three corn ‘Earlybird’, one pepper ‘Redskin’ and four nasturtium (Tropaeolum) ‘Red Wonder’.

Step 3: Plant Vegetables

Zucchini, peppers and corn are not hardy, so wait until after the last frost to plant them outside. Fill a large pot with compost to two inches below the rim. Water the plants, knock them from their pots and plant the corn at the back, the zucchini toward the front, and the nasturtiums in between. Plant the pepper separately in a smaller pot. Water in well. Don’t allow the compost to dry out, and feed plants at least weekly with a tomato fertilizer when the first fruits form.

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