Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots ,
Repot Fruit Trees Every Two Years

Step 1: Gently Knock Plant From Pot

Gently Remove Fruit Tree from Nursery Pot

Larger trees may need to be laid down carefully and pulled by the trunk; ask someone to help you if the pot and root ball are heavy.

Step 2: Tease Out Roots

Tease Out Roots of Fruit Tree to be Repotted

While holding the trunk to prevent damaging the branches, carefully tease out the roots around the edge of the root ball. Remove some of the old compost as you go.

Step 3: Trim Roots

Trim Roots of Root Bound Fruit Tree

To help prevent the tree becoming pot bound, trim the roots using pruners. Select long, thick roots and any that have been damaged; remove using a clean, angled cut.

Step 4: Fill Larger Pot With Soil

Fill Larger Pot with Soil Based Compost

Choose a new pot slightly larger than the old one and check that it has drainage holes. Use fresh soil-based compost and plant the tree so that it reaches the old soil mark on the trunk. Firm, water well, and apply a mulch, if desired.

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