Planting Calamondin Tree in Patio Container

Step 1: Water and Dig

Water the plant in its pot by plunging it into a bucket of water about an hour before planting. After this, remove it from its pot so that you can tease out any roots that have become compacted. Use a cane to establish the correct depth for planting; ensure that the plant will sit in the hole at the same depth as it was in its container.

Step 2: Place it Parallel

Drive a stake into the soil on the windward site of the rootball, and rotate the tree until the trunk sits comfortably parallel with the stake.

Step 3: Refill and Stake

Refill the hole with soil around the roots and the stake, and firm using your foot. Secure the tree to the stake using a buckle-and-spacer tree tie; this will need checking and loosening regularly as the tree grows. Water, and mulch as for a bare-rooted tree.

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