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Autumnalis Rosea Cherry Bears Beautiful Blooms
Prunus x subhirtella, Autumnalis Rosea, has pink flowers between autumn and spring when the weather is mild. It is one of the very earliest cherries to bloom in spring. Perfect for a smaller garden.

The Higan cherry (Prunus subhirtella) tree blossoms best in full sun, producing a gorgeous cloud of white to pink to rosy-pink flowers, depending on the cultivar. In late summer it produces pea-sized blackish fruits. The variety 'Autumnalis' has semi-double flowers that sometimes pop open in fall. Higan cherry grows to 20′ to 40′ tall with a canopy of up to 30′ wide or more. The weeping forms add a romantic touch to the garden. These trees like moist, well-drained soil. Higan cherry is hardy in USDA Zone 4 in protected sites.

Varieties of Ornamental Cherry Trees 9 photos

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