Orvis teardrop trailer
The Silver Tear Woodie Camper.

When I was a child one of my favorite outdoor camping excursions was in my own backyard. A perfect combination of safety and adventure. Just the sort of thing a tender-foot, cautiously questing child like myself craved. My mother was close by to deliver “provisions.” If strange outdoor sounds became too suggestive of danger, I could make a mad dash for the Great Indoors.

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It was, in essence, an early version of glamping, aka glamorous camping.

Even those of us who revel in the great outdoors occasionally need a little infusion of home-style comfort.

The appeal of glamping, for me, is all of the gear packed beautifully into a gorgeous, aesthetic, very Wes Anderson set designed package. For those of us who want a little atmosphere along with our forays into nature.

Which is why I am so enamored with purveyors of all things outdoors Orvis’s incredibly glampalicious Silver Tear Woodie Camper. The Woodie has a fancy mahogany/sapele body and an interior featuring a custom foam mattress that converts to a sofa. There is a roof fan for circulation, a rear gallery featuring a curly-maple counter top, stainless steel cooler and cabinetry for storage.

At $29,995, I think it would make a great substitute for a vacation home. You can take your vacation wherever you go. Or just park your vacation in your backyard. I’d love to revisit those childhood “adventures” of pitching a tent in the backyard or watching the Miss America pageant in my best friend’s Winnebago parked in her driveway, and just plant the Woodie in my own driveway. Wimp-adventure on! My mother’s in Florida: too far to holler for a hot chocolate. But that’s what husbands are for. Honey! Can you bring me out a bottle of Riesling?

I’d love to hear about your backyard camping adventures. Tell me about them!

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  • rvmaxus .
    "GLAMPING!!" that is very interesting.. never heard this term before.. We would love to share some of our own story of camping in our drive way in luxurious 40+ feet diesel motorhome & from Manhattan, NY to Niagara Falls or all the way in Florida in Wilderness Camping Resort or to Key West, Myrtle Beach to California and many more.. to be exact about 32 states of our beautiful USA!! We love "GLAMPING"

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • HGTV Mallory
    Feel free to share your glamping photos on your HGTVGardens profile. We love to see and share your pictures! :)

    Posted 2 years ago

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