Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots ,
Tomato and Herb Basket Puts on Showy Display
While they are more commonly used for bedding plants, a collection of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers offers an equally stunning display. Choose a large, deep basket that provides plenty of space for these vigorous plants to grow. Team hot red nasturtiums and cherry tomatoes with purple stems of cinnamon basil and cool blue violas. If well fed and watered, this basket will look great throughout summer and provide a plentiful harvest.

Step 1: Choose Containers

Select a basket that is at least 12 inches in diameter and suits walls, fences and sheds within easy reach for picking. Use multipurpose compost, and ensure the plants receive full sun and are sheltered from the wind.

Step 2: Go Shopping

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Tomato ‘Tumbler’

Buy the following plants: two tomato ‘Tumbler’, two chives, two parsley ‘Moss Curled’, two viola, two nasturtium (Tropaeolum) ‘Empress of India’ and one cinnamon basil. 

Step 3: Plant Vegetables and Herbs

Here are two unique and efficient ways to grow tomatoes in small areas.
Tomato ‘Tumbler’

Basil, tomatoes and nasturtiums cannot tolerate cold conditions, so plant up after the frosts. Ensure the basket is lined with plastic, and pierce it to allow free drainage. Fill the base with multipurpose compost and mix in water-retaining crystals if desired. Find the best layout for the plants in the basket while they are still in their pots, positioning the trailing tomatoes near the edge. Water the plants well, knock them from their pots and plant in the basket. Firm well water, and hang on a sturdy bracket. Water daily in summer and apply a tomato feed weekly once fruits show.

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