The Complete Gardener's Guide ,
Strawberry Patch Provides Bounty of Sweet Fruits

Materials Needed

  • strawberry plant runners
  • compost
  • small pots
  • watering can

Step 1: Identify Runners

When runners start to develop in the summer and the young plantlets have strong leaves, lift them from the soil, but leave them attached to the parent plant. Propagate only healthy runners, and remove the rest to encourage plants to concentrate their energy on producing fruit.

Step 2: Plant Runners

Sink small pots filled with potting compost into the soil. Plant one plantlet per pot, keeping them in place with bent wire staples. Keep them well watered.

Step 3: Plant Outside

After 4–6 weeks, the plantlets will develop roots of their own and can be separated from the parent. Grow them on their own, potting and planting outside as necessary.

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