Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots ,
'Elegance' Strawberries

Step 1: Line Hanging Basket

Line Hanging Basket with Plastic Liner

Place the basket in a pot to keep it stable while planting, and if it doesn’t have an integral liner, line with durable plastic to retain compost and moisture. Cut drainage holes in the liner to prevent compost becoming waterlogged.

Step 2: Plant Strawberry Just Below Rim of Basket

Plant Strawberry Just Below Rim of Basket

Water the plants in their pots. Add multipurpose compost to the base of the basket, mixing in water-retaining crystals if desired, and arrange plants so that the top of the root balls are 1in (2.5cm) below the basket rim.

Step 3: Fill With Compost

Plant Strawberries No Deeper than Original Pots

Fill around the plants with more compost, firming as you go. Ensure the basket is not filled to the rim, leaving space for watering, and that the strawberries are not planted deeper than they were in their original pots.

Step 4: Hang and Water

Soak the basket well and allow the water to drain before suspending it from a sturdy and well-secured bracket or hook. Water daily in warm weather and apply a liquid tomato fertilizer every two weeks once fruits appear.

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  • Theresa O'Connell
    A terrific idea that I'll be trying!

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • Diana Lynn Stout-Simmons
    Thank you for this wonderful idea. Will be trying it out on my patio this summer.

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • HGTV Mallory
    We can't wait to see pictures!

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • Manzar Sarfraz
    Good Idea!

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • William Nolan
    Great post but what do you do about the runners do you cut them off or leave them on?

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • Kaye Dyer
    William Nolan...I would leave them on to hang like a vine. Or, better yet, cut them off, easy to root in water and plant another basket of strawberries. If you live in a place like Colorado, I would hardy up for the winter against a protected wall or area and place dirt or leaves around so you will have them next year. Be sure you do not plant June Bearing Strawberries, because they only produce fruit once a year, but they still look pretty. And since Strawberries and Roses are of the same family, I plant them as ground cover between my roses. My grandmother taught m that.

    Posted 1 year ago

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  • anonymous
    How many strawberry plants should be planted in a basket?

    Posted 1 month ago

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