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Forsythia x intermedia ~Spring Glory~ (02) Spring
Brighten your landscape with this comely shrub.

Brighten your landscape with Forsythia x intermedia, a classic early-spring bloomer that signals the end of winter with a vibrant jolt of color. The buttercup-colored flowers of this classic spring flower cover the plant completely before the spring foliage emerges. The bloom is also a good indicator that it is time to fertilize the lawn.

Forsythia is a care-free, almost bullet-proof plant perfect for the novice gardener.

Spring Awakening: Forsythia 8 photos

Depending on the cultivar, forsythia grows more than 12 feet tall and wide. Smaller cultivars, such as 'Show Off', are available to reduce the need for pruning.  Forsythia is a relatively fast growing shrub and could reach full mature height in less than 5 years when planted in favorable conditions. Hardy in zones 4 through 8, it thrives in full sun to partial shade.

Pest and Disease Problems

Nothing stops this plant! Forsythia rarely has any pest or disease problems.


The best time to prune forsythia is just after the bloom to have another spectacular show next year. When you prune forsythia, check out the unique hollow pith (center of the stem). Very few plants feature this characteristic.

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  • anonymous
    My two large forsythia bushes are 5 years old and have never flowered once. How come? The rest of my western-facing front garden is filled with glorious blooms of all sorts.

    Posted 11 months ago

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