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Fill in Around New Shrub with Enriched Soil

Materials Needed

  • shrubs of choice
  • till or garden rake
  • measuring tape
  • shovel
  • watering can or garden hose
  • controlled-release fertilizer
  • mulch

Step 1: Prepare Area for Planting Shrubs

A few weeks before planting, till the area to reduce soil compaction, and incorporate some organic matter. Plan your layout carefully, and site shrubs with sufficient space for them to grow to their full size. While they are maturing, fill in any gaps with annuals and perennials, which can be then lifted and moved when necessary

Step 2: Measure Distance from Neighboring Plants

This will ensure your shrub has space to mature. Dig a hole about twice the width of the container and the same depth as the root ball.

Step 3: Place Shrub into Hole

Use a cane as a guide to ensure that the shrub, in its container, will be at the same level when planted as it is in its pot. Water it thoroughly.

Step 4: Enrich Excavated Soil & Fill

Remove the shrub from its pot, and place it in the hole. Fill in around the roots with the soil enriched with controlled-release fertilizer.

Step 5: Firm Soil

Firm the soil down around the roots with your fingertips.This will help to expel any air pockets. Water in well, and apply a mulch of well-rotted organic matter, leaving a gap around the stems.

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