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  1. Tour a Shade Garden in Charleston

    Photo Album

  2. Naturalizing with Tulips

    Tips for creating a beautiful, naturalistic design in your garden space.

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    Save your summer from bugs and the blahs with these cool outdoor accessories.

  4. England's Kew Gardens: A Museum of Botanical Life

    Tour the world's largest collection of living plants and some exotic specimens.

  5. England's Kings Were Gardening Fiends

    Few can craft a topiary or fashion a yew maze with the zest and perfection of the British royals.

  6. A Gardening Memoir

    Author Jeanne Nolan shares her journey of growth and reconciliation through organic gardening.

  7. Farm to Facial

    A number of resorts are featuring botanical beauty products and treatments sourced straight from the garden.

  8. How to Grow a Giant Pumpkin

    Tips from giant-pumpkin experts Christy Harp and Jamie Johnson on growing a major gourd.

  9. A Cucumber-Mint Rickey

    Bright, refreshing flavors infuse this garden spin on a classic Gin Rickey.

  10. Secret Sauce: Muscadine Sangria

    Charleston's Lee brothers offer up a Southern spin on a classic Spanish libation.