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  1. Topic: Flowers and Plants

    Find expert tips and advice on growing all types of flowers and plants.

  2. Tropical Flowers and Plants

    Groom an equatorial paradise in your own backyard with tropical flowers and palms that thrive in heat and humidity.

  3. Garden Plants and Flowers

    Gain some insight into how you can discover which plants underscore and help define a specific garden design style.

  4. Low-Maintenance Plants and Flowers

    As we get older and less mobile, it makes sense to plant things that will look after themselves for most of the year, and not require a lot of pruning or fussing over. You may have a young family or a busy job...

  5. Fast-Growing Flowers and Plants

    Young children have short attention spans, so to get them interested in gardening, choose plants that do something spectacular, fast. While no plant gives instant results, many germinate and turn into something...

  6. Selecting and Planting Flower Bulbs

    From the purchase to maintaining them throughout the season, this simple guide to bulbs will help ensure garden success.

  7. Mix Houseplants with Holiday Flowers and Plants

    Houseplants make great companions for holiday favorites.

  8. Light Up the Night Garden with White Flowers and Plants

    Ivory plants pop in the evening hours.

  9. When to Prune Climbing Plants

    Knowing when to prune climbing plants like clematis ensures proper growth and flowering.

  10. How to Kill Weeds (Without Hurting Your Garden)

    There are several good reasons to keep your garden clear of weeds. They not only compete with flowers for light, nutrients and water, but some also harbor diseases which may spread to surrounding plants.