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Clematis and Rambling Roses Create Scented Arbor
Create a scented arbor by planting and training clematis and rambling roses over the archway, perhaps with a focal point at one end.

Materials Needed

  • roses
  • shovel
  • cane
  • fertilizer
  • watering can or garden hose
  • mycorrhizal fungi
  • gardening gloves

Step 1: Prepare the Location

Dig a bucketful of organic matter into your proposed planting area. Then dig a hole a little deeper and twice the diameter of the container in which your rose is growing.

Step 2: Check Depth of the Hole

Place the rose, in its pot, into the hole. Using a cane, ensure the graft union (swelling at base of the stems) will be below the surface, or slightly above in heavy soil. Add fertilizer to the excavated soil.

Step 3: Water the Rose

Water the rose and leave to drain before removing from its pot. Apply mycorrhizal fungi to the base of the hole according to the directions—this will aid root growth.

Step 4: Place Rose in the Hole

Wearing gloves, place the rose in the hole. Backfill around the root ball with the excavated soil, and firm in gently around the stems with your hands. Water in well.

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