Meagan Francis

Meagan Francis

Asparagus Spears Appear in Late Spring

Let the season inspire your next meal by trying this seasonal spring menu:

Appetizer: Kale Chips

I’ve never cared for the taste of kale, but rumor has it these chips taste just like, well, chips. If that turns out to be true, I think the kale enthusiasts may have found another convert.

Entree: Pork Chops with Fennel and Caper Sauce

Nothing says “spring” like the taste of fennel, though it can be a tricky herb to grow with a relatively short opportunity for harvest. If fennel is available in your yard or farmer’s market, seize the day and make this dish!

Side Dish: Asparagus and Parmesan-Egg Crumb Topping

Asparagus is a spring favorite. Good thing I love it almost every way imaginable: steamed, roasted, grilled. And, hello – crumbled with Parmesan-flavored topping? Sign me up.

Dessert:  Rhubarb Parfait

What interested me most about this dish is that the rhubarb takes center stage. There’s no strawberry or other fruit, just…rhubarb!

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