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Baste Kebobs with Olive Oil Before Grilling
Use a pastry brush to baste kebabs with olive oil before grilling.

Break out the grill and hang those red, white, and blue streamers! Memorial Day is just around the corner. My favorite thing about this holiday is that it puts the focus on easy outdoor entertaining, including simple dishes that highlight the bounty of late spring. This menu, made up of dishes created by Food Network personalities, will be easy to pull together and keep things fresh and tasty.

Kabobs - Simple, easy-to-grill kabobs allow guests to create their own from-the-garden masterpieces. This Food Network Magazine article offers several recipes, some with meat and others that let the produce shine. 

Grilled Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes - Bobby Flay takes simple grilled chicken and makes it sing with a garlic-oregano vinaigrette and crispy-golden fingerling potatoes. 

The Mothership Tomato Salad - Put fresh, garden-ripe tomatoes front and center with Jamie Oliver's fabulously simple salad. To give the salad plenty of flavor and interest, include tomatoes of different sizes and varieties and consider including fresh mozzarella cheese. 

Cheesecake Tart - Don't forget dessert! Make it patriotic with this rich treat laden with red and blue berries.

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