Everyone probably feels their zone is the best zone, but I happen to love where I garden, in the sunny, farm-to-table crazy, chicken-coop-loving, farmers' market paradise of Atlanta, Georgia. I have recently caught the winter gardening bug, and have been keeping my family in kale chips all-year long thanks to my raised beds. I have big plans this spring to erase my patchy grass front yard, turn it into a full-scale garden and retire the lawn mower for good. The back yard, which needs terracing and the attention of a landscape architect will have to wait. When I'm not in the garden, I'm the editor-in-chief of HGTVGardens.com where I get to surf growing trends, talk to fascinating farmers, chefs, designers and gardeners and pass what I learn along to you. I'm mad for a garden that smells like a French parfumerie with a tea olive bush right by my front door, jasmine on my pergola and gardenias where ever I can find room for them. My dream is an extensive cutting garden I can hit up for fresh blooms to bring my garden inside. Growing vegetables is another passion, especially a variety of tomatoes, salad greens, okra, peppers and herbs. Is there anything better than plucking at least a portion of dinner straight from your yard? Every available surface of my vintage brick bungalow has recently been taken over by terrariums -- one of my favorite indoor gardening pursuits. flag profile
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