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Materials Needed

  • potato plants
  • enriched soil

Step 1: Chit Potatoes Before Planting

"Chitting" potatoes requires gardeners to give potatoes an early start by growing them inside. Do this by placing the seed potatoes with their "eyes" facing upward in trays or egg cartons in a warm, light place so the green shoots appear. Once the shoots are 1/4-1/2-inch long, the tubers are ready to be planted. Mid-season and late crops can be planted unchitted. Only plant undamaged tubers.

Step 2: Plant the Potatoes

Tubers can be planted into individual holes if only growing a few or in long trenches for larger crops. Plant the chits facing upward.

Step 3: Fill the Holes

Fill the holes or trench, covering the tubers with 1 inch of soil. When planting chitted tubers, be careful not to knock off the developing shoots.

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