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Forms, Shapes and Colors Mix in Cottage Garden

Materials Needed

  • perennial plant
  • spade
  • watering can or garden hose

Step 1: Prepare Plant

Place the plant in its pot on the ground in a position that suits its growing needs and not too close to other plants. The soil in the pot should be thoroughly soaked before planting to help give the plant a good start.

Step 2: Dig Hole

With a spade, dig a hole wider and deeper than the size of the plant’s container. Add organic matter, such as garden compost, to the base of the hole and dig it in well. Pour some water into the hole before planting.

Step 3: Tease Roots

Remove the plant carefully from its pot. If the roots tightly encircle the root ball, the plant is pot-bound and the roots need to be teased out gently. Place the plant in the hole, slightly deeper in the ground than when it was in its pot.

Step 4: Backfill Around Plant

Backfill around the root ball, firming the soil as you go and ensuring that the plant stands straight in its hole. Avoid mounding the soil around the stems; the plant should be in the center of a shallow depression. Water well.

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