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Sow Seeds in Even Squares to Insure Coverage
Sow seed in squares to assure even coverage of seed.

Step 1: Prepare the Ground

If hand sowing, divide the site into 3-ft (1-m) squares with string or canes. Stir the seed to mix evenly. Weigh out seed for 1 sq yd (1 sq m), following the directions on the package. Pour into a plastic cup, mark the level, and use it as your measure. As a guide, 1 oz (30 g) is roughly a handful.

Step 2: Scatter Seeds Evenly

For even distribution, scatter half the seed over the square in one direction, and half at right angles to it. Use the same crisscross method if sowing by machine. Repeat for each square. When all the seed is sown, remove the strings or canes.

Step 3: Lightly Rake

Seedlings should appear within 14 days. Water regularly. Mow for the first time, on a high setting, when seedlings have reached 2 in (5 cm). For fall-sown lawns, maintain this height until growth slows. The following spring you can gradually lower the blade height.

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  • Linda Caswell
    How to prepare a yard to gettin ready for grass seeds to sow

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • Jesse99224
    seeding your lawn also depends on your location. We live in Spokane WA and our summers are very hot and our winters are extremely cold. If we waited until early fall to plant grass, the grass would not get established before the harsh winter sets in. Our company http://spokanelandscaping.com/ tries to seed new lawns in early spring, then we make sure the ground is moist and that allows the grass to get established before the freezing temps hit in late October or early November.

    Posted 2 years ago

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