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Step 1: Create a Tight Seam

Make a tight seam with the adjacent piece of sod. To do this, raise the edges slightly, push them together so they are almost overlapping, and press down firmly with your thumbs. Tamp down once more along the seams to prevent the edges from lifting.

Step 2: Lay Rows

Continue to lay the pieces in rows, arranged so the joints are staggered, like bricks in a wall. Protect the sod that has already been laid by working on a plank to lay the next row. Continue until the site is covered, firming by tamping down with the back of a rake. Do not use small pieces of sod at the edges; they will quickly dry out. Use a full-size roll of sod at the edge, and put the smaller piece in the gap behind it.

Step 3: Patch Seams with Soil

Scatter fine sandy loam, or good topsoil mixed with horticultural sand, over the surface. Brush it well into the seams to fill any gaps and encourage the pieces of sod to knit together.

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