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Rotary mowers are good for long grass. Some include mulching capability and rollers to leave those really cool lawn stripes.

Mowing must be done regularly while grass is growing. It encourages dense growth, and without a regular trim the quality of a lawn will deteriorate.

Make the most of your mow by following these tips:

  1. Mow in spring, summer, and fall, and occasionally in winter if the grass is growing.
  2. Do not mow when the lawn is very wet, frozen, or during drought conditions in summer.
  3. Brush off any worm castings before mowing, or they will be flattened and smother the grass.
  4. Collect clippings. If left they will encourage earthworms and worm casts, and build up a layer of “thatch.” The exception is during hot summers, when the clippings can be left as a mulch to conserve soil moisture.
  5. For a rectangular lawn, first mow a wide strip at each end, for turning the mower. Then mow up and down in straight strips, slightly overlapping the edges of each strip.
  6. For a curved or irregular shape, start by mowing a strip around the edge, then mow straight up the center. Mow each half as for a rectangular lawn.
  7. If a mower jams while you’re using it, make sure you unplug it or remove the spark plug lead before investigating.
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