Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots ,
Arrange and Plant Herbs in Each Section of Garden

Step 1: Prepare Herb Pot

Prepare Herb Pot for Planting

Choose a large container with holes in the sides for trailing plants and drainage holes in the base. Add some broken clay pot pieces to the bottom, and fill with multipurpose or soil-based compost to just below the holes.

Step 2: Side-Plant in Holes

Side Planting in Herb Pot

Creeping and trailing plants will slot perfectly into the holes. Knock them from their pots, roll the leafy stems in newspaper to protect them and push them through the holes. Remove the newspaper and repeat for each hole.

Step 3: Cover Roots With Soil

Cover Roots of Herbs in Herb Pot

Add compost to cover the roots and firm well. Level the surface and try out different arrangements of herbs on top while they are still in their pots. Consider their final heights and spreads before settling on a design.

Step 4: Water and Position

Place in Herbs and Water Pot Well

Water the herbs, remove them from their pots, and plant in their final positions. Fill around the root balls with compost, ensuring stems and leaves are not buried, and firm in. Stand the pot in its final position and water well.

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