Wicker Edging is Temporary Solution for Garden Bed

Materials Needed

  • herb plants of choice
  • grit or organic matter
  • plastic membrane
  • sharp knife

Step 1: Prepare the Soil

Choose a sunny spot, and prepare the soil by adding grit to heavy soils or organic matter to lighter soil. Weed the area thoroughly.

Step 2: Control the Weeds

Lay plastic membrane before planting the herbs to suppress weeds. This will help to warm the soil earlier in spring and retain moisture in summer.

Step 3: Plant the Herbs

Use a sharp knife to cut holes in the membrane, and plant through it. For a formal design, consider edging with a low box hedge.

Step 4: Give the Herbs Space

Choose a variety of herbs that prefer the same growing conditions. Arrange them before deciding their final positions, allowing space for them to grow.

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