Materials Needed

  • herb seeds of choice
  • large garden module trays
  • peat-based compost
  • watering can
  • clear plastic

Step 1: Sow the Seeds

To avoid disturbing roots when planting out, sow seeds into large-module trays that provide space for the seedlings to develop. Use peat-based compost.

Step 2: Prepare the Trays

Make hollows in the compost at the correct depths, and sow seed into them. Cover with compost, water, and cover the trays with clear plastic to keep moist. Keep the trays at the required temperature.

Step 3: Monitor the Seedlings

Seeds germinate at different rates, so check often. As soon as seedlings appear, remove any covers, and keep them warm. Thin them as they grow to leave the single strongest plant per module. Harden off and plant out.

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  • Carol Holtmeyer Hooker
    how do I keep my herbs watered when on vacation

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • California Fence Company
    Really nice article you have shared with us. In my view, light is the most important aspect of growing indoor herbs, and many people don't have enough. Most experts agree that six to eight hours of light per day is optimal. A great explanation on growing herbs indoor. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge. This would be a great helpful for the gardeners.Nice post.

    Posted 11 months ago

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