Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots ,
Swiss Chard has Colored Stems and Green Leaves
Swiss chard is a microgreen that is tasty and very healthy as a seedling. They are ready to eat on a salad as quick as 7 to 14 days. Microgreens are grown simply in a shallow container on a moist layer of potting soil in sunny window sill.

Step 1: Place Paper Towel on Compost

Paper Towel Layer Retains Moisture

To grow your own cress, add a layer of multipurpose compost to the bottom of a small pot, dish, or shallow seed tray. Then add a few layers of paper towel or cotton wool on top, which will retain plenty of moisture.

Step 2: Dampen Paper Towel

Dampen Paper Towel Before Sowing Seeds

Add water to the pot, allowing time for it to soak into the layers of paper towel or cotton. Allow any excess water to drain from the pot before sowing the seeds. Prepare and sow a few pots to provide a decent-sized crop.

Step 3: Sow Cress Seeds

Sow Cress Seeds on Damp Paper Towel

Pour seeds into your hand and sow them quite thickly and evenly over the surface of the pot. Press them down gently to ensure contact with the moist surface. Cover the pot or place in the dark to encourage rapid growth.

Step 4: Place Cress in Light

Place Cress in Light But Avoid Bright Sun

Once the seedlings are about 1in (2.5cm) in height, move them into the light and turn daily so that they grow evenly. Avoid bright sun, which may damage the leaves. Keep moist and, after about a week, cut the cress as required.

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