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  • Rhonda Weber
    Make sure you are picking a variety that is hardy in your area. There are new introductions that have increased hardiness to Z4!! And make sure they are planted in well drained soil. Lavender DOES NOT like winter wet.
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  • Gruh
    These plants are interesting, although I've never heard of most of them. Where can these plants be purchased? Thanks, Gruh
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  • HGTVJessica
    Hi, seeds for many of the plants mentioned here can be bought through online seed companies. Depending on your area, you might be able to track down some of these edibles at your local nursery -- plants like goji berries, kumquat trees and tomatillos are a little more common. But otherwise, I would start by doing a quick search online and seeing if you can find a reputable source for the seeds or plants. Hope this helps!
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