The Complete Gardener's Guide ,

Materials Needed

  • spade or fork
  • hoe
  • rake
  • all-purpose granular fertilizer
  • lawn seed (to cover each square yard of area)
  • paper cup
  • measuring tape
  • string
  • watering can or garden hose
  • bird-proof netting

Step 1: Prepare the Site

Seeds Weighed Out for Each Square Yard of Lawn

Before sowing, remove weeds and add a layer of fertilizer. Weigh out seed for a square yard, and pour into a paper cup. Mark where seed reaches.

Step 2: Measure the Amount of Grass Seed Needed

Sow Grass Seed One Square Foot at a Time

Rake soil level, and remove any rocks. Mark out a square yard using canes or string, then measure out the right amount of grass seed using the marked paper cup.

Step 3: Scatter the Seeds

Scatter Seed Half of Square Yard Then Other Half

Scatter half the seed in the cup over the marked area in one direction and the other half at a right angle. Set out the next square, and repeat the sowing process.

Step 4: Rake the Seed Into the Soil

Rake Seed Into Soil to Just Cover It

Rake the seed into the soil to cover it. Water with a can fitted with a rose, or spray lightly with a hose. Cover the area with bird-proof netting. The seedlings should appear within 14 days. Water regularly.

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