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Fountain Bamboo

Step 1: Expose Rhizomes

Use a spade blade to slice through any rhizomes that have grown into the trench area. If they are particularly tough, it may help to sharpen the blade before you do so using a sharpening stone. Alternatively, cut them away using pruners.

Step 2: Remove Underground Shoots

Remove the pieces of rhizome from the soil by tugging them out by hand. If they go particularly deep into the ground, use a fork to uncover and remove them. Either dispose of them, or pot them up to create new bamboo plants.

Step 3: Refill the Trench

Refill the trench with the soil you removed earlier. If any further shoots start to spread out beyond the root-ball area, cut them off immediately. This process will probably need to be repeated next season to keep the plant in check.

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