The Complete Gardener's Guide ,
Containers with Water Lilies as Focal Point

Materials Needed

  • water lily
  • aquatic plant basket with fine-meshed sides
  • loam or loam-based compost
  • pea gravel
  • watering can or garden hose
  • bricks

Step 1: Choose an Aquatic Plant Basket with Fine-Meshed Sides

Add a layer of good loam or loam-based compost. Carefully remove the water lily from its original container, and position it in the center of the aquatic basket.

Step 2: Fill Basket with Loam-Based or Aquatic Compost

Pat the compost gently to compact it. Wipe the leaves with a cloth to remove any duckweed or algae, and spray with water to prevent drying out.

Step 3: Stabilize Surface of Soil in the Basket by Covering With Layer of Pea Gravel.

First rinse the gravel in water several times to remove dust and impurities.

Step 4: Place Basket in the Pond

Raise it up on bricks if the water lily’s leaves do not reach the surface of your pond or container. The bricks can be removed as the stems grow.

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