The Complete Gardener's Guide ,
Submerge Aquatic Plants Until They Sit on Bottom

Materials Needed

  • water plants
  • fine-meshed plastic pond baskets or aquatic bags
  • aquatic compost
  • pencil
  • pea gravel
  • bricks (optional)

Step 1: Choose Aquatic Baskets or Bags that Fit Size of Your Plants When They are Mature

Place a layer of aquatic compost in the bottom of each bag or basket.

Step 2: Insert Plants, Fill Around Root Balls With Compost

Gently pat down the compost. If you are planting oxygenators, use a pencil to make holes in the compost, insert the stems, and firm down.

Step 3: Cover Surface With a Layer of Pea Gravel

This will help prevent soil from floating out of the bag or basket and muddying the water.

Step 4: Place Plants in Container

Stand them on bricks if they are not at the correct level when sitting on the bottom. Slowly fill the container with water.

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