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Materials Needed

  • wildflower seeds
  • silver sand
  • bucket (for mixing)
  • shovel
  • rake
  • measuring tape
  • bamboo canes
  • garden hose
  • netting

Step 1: Mix Seeds

The best way to establish a wildflower meadow is to sow seeds onto bare soil in spring or fall at a rate of 1⁄4 ounce per 10 square feet (5 grams per square meter). Spring-sown seeds will germinate easily, but those sown in fall can rot over the winter if your soil is heavy and wet. Wildflower seed mixes are sown in small quantities; to make it easier to see where you have sown, mix the seeds first with silver sand.

Step 2: Prepare Site

Start preparing the site about six weeks before sowing. Prepare the soil to be sown by turning it over and removing any large stones or debris. Then firm it down, and rake the surface to give a fine, even texture.

Step 3: Measure Area

Mark out evenly sized squares over the area to be sown using bamboo canes. This makes it easier to sow the right amount of seed evenly.

Step 4: Rake Seeds

Rake the seed into the soil very lightly using a spring-tine rake. Water the seed in well using a fine spray. Cover the area with netting to ward off birds.

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