Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots ,
Ornamental Garden Pleases Senses and Palette
Packed with crops that are harvested from early summer into fall, this kitchen garden also includes vibrant French marigolds for an injection of color. Slow-growing leeks and celery root will take time to fill the front of the bed, so make use of the spare soil by sowing a row of quick-cropping radishes between them. Beans and peas scrambling up sticks will quickly bulk out and bring height to the back of the display.

Step 1: Choose Containers

Select a manger that is approximately 35 inches-by-48 inches and suits a patio or courtyard where extra height is needed. Use multipurpose compost, and ensure the plants receive full sun and are sheltered from strong winds.

Step 2: Go Shopping

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Celery root

Buy the following flowers and vegetables: three celery root, two French marigolds (Tagetes), seven dwarf green bean ‘Andante’, 15 pea ‘Kelvedon Wonder’, 25 radish ‘Mirabeau’ and seven leeks.

Step 3: Plant Kitchen Garden

When the frosts are over, fill the manger up to three inches below the rim with compost. Sow a row of peas at the back and add branched sticks for support. Work forward, sowing a row of beans, and then planting a line of young leeks. Plant celery root at the front, and sow radishes between them and the leeks. Finish with French marigolds in each corner. Water well, and keep the compost moist. Once established, feed leeks and celery root every two weeks with a balanced fertilizer, and apply tomato fertilizer weekly to the beans and peas when flowers appear.

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