Design Your Garden ,
Squares Within Squares

Materials Needed

  • Graph Paper (or Plain Paper and T-Square)
  • Clear Plastic Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pen for Final Plan

Step 1: Draw the House Doors and Windows

Mark Size and Position of Window and Doors on Grid

For a medium to large garden, use a scale of 1⁄8”:1’ (or 1:100 cm); 1⁄4”:1’ (or 1:50 cm) for small gardens; and 1⁄2”:1’ (or 1:20 cm) for courtyards or patios.

Start at the bottom left-hand corner of your page and draw on the house wall, showing the position of doors and windows.

Step 2: Position the Boundaries

Position the Boundaries

If your yard is either square or rectangular, draw to scale the left- and right-hand boundaries at 90 degrees to the house wall, and connect them.

Step 3: Add Trees and Major Plantings

Add Trees and Plantings

Using the measurements you took from the house and boundaries, draw on trees and large plants, including their canopies.

Step 4: Plot All Other Features

Plot Out Buildings and Structures

Carefully draw on patios, pools, paths, garages, and outbuildings, regardless of whether you intend to keep them.

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