Find peace and tranquility in the Sunshine State.

Well-chosen plantings and a thoughtful design equal a garden founded on tranquility and suited to the Florida climate and landscape.

Plant list

A. Redbay (Persea borbonia)
Alternative: Other small accent tree

B. Dwarf palmetto (Sabal minor)
Alternative: Other specimen plant with winter interest

C. Bushy bluestem (Andropogon glomeratus)
Alternative: Indian grass (Sorghastrum nutans) or other tall grass

D. Lantana (Lantana spp.), cultivar appropriate to area
Alternative: Other medium-height, scented, woody or herbaceous plant

E. Conradina (Conradina grandiflora)
Alternative: Other groundcover plant

F. Purple lovegrass (Eragrostis spectabilis)
Alternative: Other small grass

Create a garden plan to foster tranquility.


  1. Stone-edged patio (patio surface can be pea gravel, concrete or flagstone)
  2. Water feature (bowl or fountain)
  3. Boulder
  4. Bamboo fence, 2' x 6' panels
  5. Bamboo fence, 2' x 4' panels
  6. Bamboo fence, 2' x 2' panels
  7. Candle lantern (or solar light)
  8. Stepping stones
  9. Entrance
  10. Bench

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