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Danny Bonvissuto

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Carrot Gold! This beautiful bunny necklace will ensure a good hare day for any mother.

For as long as I can remember, my mother has kept an old Erma Bombeck quote on her refrigerator: 

"The easiest part of being a mother is giving birth. The hardest part is showing up every day thereafter."

This may be one of the only things on which my mother and I agree. 

So what Mother's Day gift is appropriate for the woman who gave me life? Who thought I was a monkey when I was born because she didn't have her contacts in? Who taught me to tie my shoes and make the perfect scrambled egg sandwich? Nothing. I asked her. She's still mad at me for buying her a Christmas present.

Su13_FP_15100623 A.jpg
Succulent wreath from vivaterra.com

Conversely, I'll tell anyone who'll listen what I want for Mother's Day: It's this gorgeous succulent wreath from Viva Terra.

Here are some ideas from other mothers who'd trade breakfast in bed for a garden-centric gift any day. When you take your cues from Mother Nature, you can't go wrong. (But keep the receipt, just in case). 

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