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Step 1: Healthy Trimming

Dead and diseased wood is quite obvious, so remove this first. Although it is more difficult to see the outline of a tree in leaf, it should be easier once you have removed any unhealthy stems.

Step 2: Remove Center Stems

Take out stems that are growing toward the center of the tree. Be wary of pruning large branches that will heal slowly.

Step 3: Untangle Branches

Remove any crossing branches to prevent them from rubbing against each other and causing wounds that may result in serious damage, especially in the case of trees that bleed sap.

Step 4: Prune Weak Stems

Prune out weak stems that did not produce flowers or that have few leaves, and rub out shoots forming on the lower trunk.

Step 5: Trim Wayward Stems

Keep the tree in shape by reducing the length of wayward side stems, cutting them back by about one-third.

Step 6: The Result

The pruned tree has a better shape and a more open canopy, allowing more light into the center, and promoting vigorous stems.

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