Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots,
Watering Tray Keeps Compost Moist Safely
Water trays and pots by placing them in a tray of water to prevent seeds and seedlings becoming disturbed. Once the compost feels damp, remove plants from water.

Step 1: Sow Larger Seeds Individually in Each Pot

Sowing in small pots works well for larger seeds and where fewer plants are required. Fill the pots with multipurpose or seed compost, firm gently, and push the seed in to the correct planting depth. Label and water.

Step 2: The Seeds Germinate

Cover pots with clear plastic, or put in a propagator until the seeds germinate. Thin seedlings to leave a single plant in each pot. Keep pots moist and turn those on windowsills daily to stop plants growing toward the light.

Step 3: Move Hardened Off Plants to Larger Home

Harden plants off gradually in a cold frame or put them outside during the day and bring them inside at night. Plant them out into large pots before the roots become restricted, and water well.

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