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Growing Annuals and Biennials

Step 1: Create Crumbly Soil

Rake the soil to level it, and clear away any large stones. Use the head of the rake to break down lumps to create a crumbly soil.

Step 2: Make Bamboo Drills

Use a bamboo cane to create some straight drills in which to sow the seed—press the cane lightly into the soil, as shown.

Step 3: Trickle Seeds In

Transfer a little seed to the palm of your hand, and gently tap it with your finger to trickle the seed gradually into the drill.

Step 4: Rake Soil Over

Cover the seeds by gently raking a fine layer of soil over the drills. Then firm the soil lightly with the head of your rake.

Step 5: Water With a Fine Spray

Water well, using a watering can with a fine spray. A sprinkling is less likely to disturb the seeds or cause a soil crust to form.

Step 6: Protect the Seeds

Protect seeds from being scratched up by birds and cats by covering the area with some twiggy sticks or a layer of netting.

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