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Lupinus Chandelier Spires of Bright Yellow Flowers
From May to July, Lupine ‘Chandelier’ shows off its cheerful spires of bright yellow to creamy yellow pea flowers rising above dense clumps of mid-green leaves. Perfect perennial in a sunny border of a cottage garden.

Step 1: Trim Below Leaf Joint

Cut sections 3–4 in (8–10 cm) long from the tips of healthy, young, nonflowering stems, using pruners or a knife. Place in a closed plastic bag out of the sun as you work. Trim the cutting just below a leaf joint. Remove the leaves from the lower part of the cutting so that only 2 or 3 remain at the top.

Step 2: Plant, Water and Label

Dip the end of the stem in hormone rooting powder. Push the lower half into the potting mix, around the edge of the pot when there are several cuttings. Gently firm in, water thoroughly with tap water, and label. Enclose in a plastic bag or propagator. Most will root best at 59–70°F (15–21°C).

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