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Insert the Cutting

Step 1: Choose a New Shoot

Choose a current season’s shoot that is slightly resistant to bending at its base but still soft and green at the tip, and cut it just below a leaf joint.

Step 2: Trim Off the Top

Trim off the soft top portion of the cutting just above a leaf using a knife, then discard it. This reduces moisture loss through the soft leaves at the tip.

Step 3: Make a Shallow Cut

Make a shallow cut 1⁄2 in (1–2 cm) long on one side of the stem base to encourage rooting. Remove the leaves and sideshoots from the lower half of the stem.

Step 4: Dip in Rooting Powder

Dip the bottom 1⁄4 in (5 mm) of the cutting in hormone rooting powder, and tap off any surplus. Dust the entire wounded area with the powder.

Step 5: Insert the Cutting

Insert the cutting up to its lowest leaves in potting mix, or 3 in (8 cm) apart in the soil in a cold frame. Firm in place, label, and water with tap water.

Step 6: Keep Under Cover

Place the pot in a lidded propagator, or cover with a plastic bag. Hold the bag clear from the leaves by inserting sticks into the sides of the pot.

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