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Borinda Bamboo Known for Vivid Blue Stems

Step 1: Plant Your Bare Root Bamboo Quickly

Bare root bamboos tend to be cheaper than those grown in containers, and most are even available via mail order. They need to be planted as soon as possible to prevent them from drying out and failing to thrive once planted. When you receive them, stand the plants in a plastic bag filled with soil or moss, keeping them damp until you are ready to plant.

Step 2: Dig Hole Deep Enough to Fit the Whole Root Ball

Use a fork to loosen the soil at the bottom of the hole. Add a layer of well-rotted manure or compost to the base.

Step 3: Unwrap Bamboo

Place it in the hole. Check that the soil marks on the stems (culms) are at ground level when the bamboo is planted.

Step 4: Keep Plant Upright

Carefully work the excavated soil in between the roots. Fill in the hole gradually, and water to remove any air pockets around the roots.

Step 5: Firm the Soil With Your Fingers

Push the soil between each of the stems. Water in well, and apply a mulch of rotted manure or composted bark, keeping it clear of the stems.

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