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Materials Needed

  • garden fork
  • sand
  • boxes or trays

Step 1: Lift Bulbs

Lift bulbs out of the soil in fall using a fork, being careful to avoid damaging them with the prongs. Discard any damaged bulbs.

Step 2: Prepare Bulbs

Remove soil, trim off dying top growth, and lay the bulbs out on a wire rack. Once they are dry, store the bulbs in boxes or trays of sand in a frost-free place.

Step 3: Lift Tubers

The process of lifting tubers is similar to that of lifting bulbs. Lift tubers out of the ground during fall using a fork, digging around the edge of the clump to prevent damage to the the roots.

Step 4: Prepare Tubers

Shake off excess soil, trim away any dying foliage and stems, and let the tubers dry out completely. Once dry, dust off the remaining soil, and store the tubers.

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