Trees Display Autumn Glory
Learn how to get your garden ready for fall and more as HGTV Magazine and HGTVGardens team up with all of your fall gardening essentials!
HGTV Magazine
The October issue of HGTV Magazine.

Pick up the latest issue of HGTV Magazine and you'll find that our friends in glossy magazine land have teamed up with the editors at HGTVGardens, to share all the information every gardener needs to get their yards and gardens ready for the fall season. 

Want to know what celebrity gardens are growing in their fall gardens? Look no further than our peek into P. Allen Smith, Jamie Durie and Chris Lambton's fall plots

Check Out These Celebrity Garden Picks 27 photos

Whether it's tips for growing giant pumpkins or how to prep your lawn for winter, everything you need to make those weekend projects count is here and inside the pages of HGTV Magazine.

And there's more!  Highlighted on HGTVGardens and in the pages of HGTV Magazine you'll find:

  • Plant Finder, HGTVGardens' one-stop show for everything you need to select the right plant for your zone. Looking for a living privacy screen to shield your yard from prying neighbors? Want to know the perfect perennials that won't burn up in your sultry tropical climate? Plant Finder helps gardeners find the right plant for almost any gardening need they have.
  • Have a burning gardening question, or just want to share a photo of the cute Halloween Jack o'lantern you've whipped up? Then Ask & Share is where you need to be! This constantly updated HGTVGardens online forum allows beginner and expert gardeners to ask questions and offer solutions for any growing quandary you can think of, from limp carrots to crabgrass to dog-friendly yard design.
  • And speaking of questions, wondering just where those strange black spots or holes in your hydrangea came from? Take a gander at HGTVGardens' visual guide to plant diseases and disorders and find a remedy for what ails your roses or your rhododendron.
  • Maybe your problem isn't a disease at all, but a nasty critter making your beloved peonies look like cashmere left too long in the attic. We've got your answer when it comes to ID-ing common garden pests and the damage they do. Because whether it's eelworms or slugs, the best way to treat a garden problem, is knowing just who is responsible.
  • Find out how to start an indoor herb garden. It's easier than you think and you don't need much space. So whether your home is a studio apartment or a house in the suburbs, you can continue to keep your green thumb active even as the weather turns cold.

Less interested in practical information and more about the pure, eye-candy splendor of gorgeous gardens, flowers, chicken coops, crafts and landscaping shared by the HGTVGardens community? Then check out our Photo Albums, where you can graze to your heart's content, on some of the inspirational ideas and images shared by real-life gardeners.

Part of what makes HGTVGardens special is the incredible gardening community you'll find on the site, with people from all over the country sharing what they love in their own gardens. It's easy to create your own Garden Profile where you can tell the HGTVGardens community a little bit about yourself and share photos of your garden. Check out some of our HGTVGardens editors' favorite profiles here and here and find inspiration for your next project.

Happy Gardening!

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