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  • Ryan K
    That's the color of stain that I've been searching for to stain my gothic wooden fence! Anyone know what that shade is called?
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  • BlueJen
    A bit late, however I add my "vote" to skip the ivy. I planted some tiny plants along our fence and it ended up a nightmare. I finally had to hire someone to remove it. Even then it would show up here and there. It's the most invasive plant I've ever seen. Oh, and it attracted snails like crazy! Ivy can also harbor rodents - I was lucky that didn't happen to us! I'd look for another wall/fence climbing plant.
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  • Sarah Cooper
    you are right about the ivy it will take over and so will trumpet vine
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  • Joyce Watson
    I like the fence pattern. I love the layout of the plants. Where do you find the plants that are in the picture?
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  • HGTVJessica
    Hi Joyce, here are some of the plants you'll find in that image: hosta, tulips, ivy, trumpet vine...I think I also might spot some yellow pansies in the corner, and the purple/brown grass appears to be purple millet. Good luck!
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