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Wall Trained Fruit is Productive Space Saver

Materials Needed

  • fruit plants
  • galvanized wire
  • vine or screw eyes
  • soft string
  • canes
  • mulch
  • garden hose

Step 1: Secure Wire

Horizontal wires, spaced 2 feet apart, are ideal for training fruit against walls and fences and are easy to fix using vine eyes or screw eyes. Use strong, galvanized wire, which is very long lasting.

Step 2: Mark Out Distances

If planting a row of wall-trained fruit, mark out the planting distances first so they are evenly spaced. Cordon trees and shrubs can be planted more closely than free-standing plants, as little as 12 inches apart.

Step 3: Train Plants

Once planted, train the stems and branches as required, whether vertical, angled or fan-trained, and tie them onto the wires with soft string. Use canes to hold young stems straight, and remove them once mature.

Step 4: Water Plants

Rain may have difficulty reaching the roots of wall-trained fruit, so plants should be watered frequently until well established. Mulch plants to help retain moisture, and water mature fruiting plants well during dry spells

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