The Complete Gardener's Guide ,
Inspect Fruit Trees Carefully When Purchasing

Materials Needed

  • bare root fruit plants
  • garden shovel
  • cane
  • organic mulch
  • watering can or garden hose
  • spade
  • wooden stakes
  • adjustable ties

Step 1: Plant Trees

Plant bare root fruit trees and bushes as soon as possible to prevent the roots from drying out. The planting technique differs from planting container-grown plants, because roots are exposed and can be easily damaged. Dig a suitably large hole, and lower the plant in place, using a cane to ensure the mark on the stem is level with the soil surface. Tease out the roots gently, and spread them out evenly inside the planting hole.

Step 2: Backfill Soil

Mix organic matter into the soil, and backfill, working it gently in between the roots. Make sure the plant is planted upright, then water the soil every few spadefuls to ensure there are no air pockets trapped between the roots.

Step 3: Support Stems

If planting trees or larger shrubs, support the main stems using stakes and adjustable ties that can be loosened as the plant grows. Support smaller shrubs using canes. Remember to check ties regularly for adjustment.

Step 4: Provide Mulch

Once the tree or shrub is planted, and supported if necessary, water it thoroughly to help settle soil around the roots. Mulch around the plant to retain moisture, and water regularly during dry spells until established.

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